Team Building Activities

Sparrow’s Kayaking Teambuilding

Singapore is a small country surrounded by water. Imagine how exciting it would be if you and your company of friends are well-equipped to explore Singapore in another mode of transport—Kayak!

Not only participants will be able to improve their teamwork and communication skills through this fun programme, they will also learn the essential skill set of a kayaker and receive a certification from the Singapore Canoe Federation to certify their qualification as a 1-Star Kayaker!

Sparrow’s Kayaking Teambuilding

Sparrow's Tattered Jeans Race

Sparrow’s Tattered Jeans Race

In the Sparrow’s Tattered Jeans Race, participants will arrive in style with their tattered jeans, paired together with a simple t-shirt and their favourite sneakers before they can embark on the race. As everyone will be in a relaxed mood while completing the assigned missions, we can guarantee lots of laughter and joy.

In this brand new concept to a team building programme, it’s a very interesting sight to see office workers dress down to a simple yet fashionable style in an attempt to complete the challenges. Seeing that low-key colleague of yours can actually pull off the killer look might surprise you!

Sparrow’s Heritage Race

When Jack of Happy Sparrow went to recce some of the existing museums built for Singaporeans, he was impressed! Happy Sparrow then customised a Heritage Race which requires participants to visit these beautifully built museums and buildings.

In order to preserve the heritage of Singapore, the government actually spent lots of resources. At the end of the programme, participants would have learned many things they don’t know before about the Lion City.

Sparrow’s Heritage Race

Cardboard Boat Race

Sparrow’s Row, Row, Row Your Paper Boat Adventure

The Sparrow’s Row, Row, Row your Paper Boat Adventure is a creative and hilarious teambuilding programme where participants have to design and build their boats using paper card boards and material provided for them. The boats have to be well designed so that it can hold on to the weight of an adult, and it must be able to move in the water as well.

This adventure brings participants out of the comfort of their office, where they are required to challenge themselves to make something that is seemingly impossible to work!

Sparrow’s Kite Challenge

Do you still remember the good old days where we have to make our own kites and trying to ‘fly’ them up in the air by running around? Kite making is a creative teambuilding programme which allows company and their employees doing something out of their office environment, and seeing their creative works soar in the air.

The Sparrow’s Kite Challenge gives participants the chance to reminisce the good old days of making and flying those kites. From the corporate teambuilding angle, participants are supposed work together to create company kite, where they have to write down their visions and missions onto the kites.

Sparrow’s Kite Challenge

Self Defence for Office Workers

Self Defence for Office Workers

What if through a session of self defence teambuilding so you can be more aware on how to use your hands and body movements to deflect potential threats or risks of being punched on the streets.

Leveraging on the the Sparrow’s Self Defence Teambuilding Programme, not only participants are able to have a day of fun filled with interesting self-defence related teambuilding activities to complete and get to know more about their teammates, they will also be equipped with some basic skills of self defence skills where they will be able to have that option of fending for themselves in the face of danger.

Sparrow’s Sugar Rush Adventure

In Sparrow’s Sugar Rush Adventures, participants will be exposed to marvelous desserts which they may not have experienced before. However, to get to taste those delicious sweet stuffs, they have to work for it. There will be obstacles along the way for the participants to complete. And every completion of the missions will lead to something wonderful.

Through communication, teamwork and creative thinking, they will be constantly challenged during their journey. Sparrow’s Sugar Rush Adventure is part of the amazing food hunt teambuilding adventure series where participants will have half a day of sweetness!

Sparrow's Sugar Rush Adventure

Sparrow's Environmental Challenge

Sparrow’s Environmental Challenge

In an environmentally conscious world, reducing your waste, reusing your materials and recycling can make a big difference. The main aim of Sparrow’s Environmental Challenge is to spread the awareness of recycling to the participants through a series of fun games which require the usage of recycled materials.

Their creativity and innovative brain juices are constantly put to the tests as they are put through fun and creative challenges specially designed by Happy Sparrow!

Mystery of the German Girl – Adventures in Pulau Ubin

A unique treasure cum scavenger hunt adventure at the southern portion of Pulau Ubin where you can experience the untouched locations of the island—either by foot or bicycle. In this unique hunt, not only do the participants have to go through unique missions and perform incredible tasks, they also will get to discover the Mystery of the German Girl residing in Pulau Ubin many decades before.

To promote teamwork and collaboration through a series of customised and fun-filled missions, incorporating the treasure and scavenger hunt aspects to make it more exciting. At end of the day, the winning team will be rewarded with prizes for their hard work!

Mystery of German Girl in Pulau Ubin

Legend of Dragon

Legend of the Dragon

The Legend of the Dragon is a land- and water-based teambuilding programme where it uses the mystical creature – ‘The Dragon’ as the theme. Participants will have to go through some land based teambuilding games like the Dragon Balls and the Dragon Warriors before they are put thru the ultimate test: boating!

The Legend of The Dragon programme requires a lot of teamwork and coordination in order to solve the Dragon based-missions, and of course, to row a dragon boat. Participants have to work as one, and communicate their strategy in order to emerge victorious.

K-Pop Teambuilding Programme

The Sparrow’s K-Pop Teambuilding Programme is a very fun and energetic activity where participants can let their hair down while dancing to the rhythm and groove of the K-Pop music that they have chosen! Participants need not to have prior dance experience because there will be professional dance trainers that will teach them how to become ‘Zero’ to ‘Hero’.

Many a times, participants will be surprised by how much they can learn and put together within a short span of time! This could just be that ‘Out of the Box’ team-building activities you are looking for!

K-Pop Teambuilding

Amazing Sparrow's Food Hunt

Amazing Sparrow’s Food Hunt

Amazing Sparrow’s Food Hunt is a team building opportunity for the gourmet-minded. Participants will go through a race full of challenges, leading to Singapore’s exotic flavors that you never knew existed before.

The Food Hunt brings people closer together as conversing about the food you like is a great way to break down the “wall”, leading to a higher level of cooperation and trust. Teams will solve various puzzles, receive clues, and travel around Singapore in a frantic dining race.

The Mentalists

“The Mentalists” is a series of indoor team-building games specially designed by Happy Sparrow to work on the teamwork, collaborative spirit and creativity of the participants. As the name suggests, “The Mentalists” requires participants to strategize and plan solutions to get themselves out of the “unusual situations” they are being put in.

Arty Farty

The Arty Farty

Doing artistic endeavor is among the best way to know ourselves and others better. Creating arts is also beneficial to relieve stress, exercise creativity, improve eye-hand coordination, and more.

The latest addition to Happy Sparrow‘s growing arsenal of Team Building Programs in Singapore, the Arty Farty focuses on leveraging art for cooperation. From papercraft to knitwork, there are many art forms you can explore in our workshop. Consider this a superb team building opportunity for any company.

The Sparrow’s “600” Race

The telecast of the movie “300” has inspired people worldwide to have that ideal body of the actors. Fortunately, you don’t need to have “perfect body” to partake in our “600” Race.

Designed by Happy Sparrow, the beach race requires your physical and mental fortitude. Prizes await at the finish line, and you won’t have to bleed to overcome the challenge. The modern race incorporates old-school tech like bicycles, allowing the young and the elderly to compete on (un)fair ground.


Happy Sparrow Scavenger Hunt

In this special scavenger hunt programme, participants are given drawn to scale map of River Safari/ Zoom. In the map, there will be plenty of marked treasures spots. Participants will be made to carry out a series of ‘missions’ during this scavenger hunt in the fastest possible time, and have to show all their missions via photographs or video taken via their handphones. In addition to the fun and exciting missions Happy Sparrow has designed, Sparrow has also painstakingly thought of ways to educate the participants through a series of questions through ‘scavenger hunting’ in order to let them be more aware of the animals that are currently facing extinction.

Indiana Jones Treasure Hunt

In this special treasure hunt team building program, participants are given drawn to scale map of the location in play. In the map, there will be several marked treasures spots. The participants are also given visual clues. What the participants have to do is to use their creativity to match the visual clues to the marked location in the treasure map together with specific instructions that they have to follow. As everyone is important for the success of this mission, they will need to collaborate (Collaboration and seeing the big picture) amongst each other to help find the treasures.


BBQ Team Bonding

When body will we talk about BBQ, everybody knows what we are talking about and we are sure most have experienced it one way or the other. When we talk about “BBQ Teambuilding” programme, everyone will stare at us asking what is that about.

BBQ Teambuilding is one of the creation created by Happy Sparrow. Being a food lover, he loves all kind of food, not to mention BBQ. But he is able to help companies build their team through a unique “BBQ Teambuilding Programme” specially created to bond the employees thru special customised games.

Health is Wealth

Singapore is one of the most stressful countries in the world. Every bosses are aware of this fact and they are also concern about the well-being of their employees.

With Happy Sparrow’s help, he has designed lots of local teambuilding programmes which look into the health of all employees. In the Health is Wealth Teambuilding Programme, participants not only are able to have fun through sporty activities, they are also able to enjoy healthy and awesome food after the programme too!

health is wealth

Office Yoga

Office Yoga Bonding

Everyone knows what is Yoga, but not everybody is aware of how yoga can be done in the comfort of one’s office too.

Using simple office furniture like chairs and tables, Happy Sparrow has worked with his trusted yoga teachers in Singapore to deliver an Office Yoga Teambonding programme for his clients. Not only they are able to have lots of fun, they will also be able to learn a new skill where they can use it in their offices too!

Staff Team Building

When we talk about schools, we can only think of teachers as the main role models. Often than not, we have neglected that a school is also made up of supporting staffs like the cleaners, the lab techs, supervisors, front desk and many others.

To appreciate all these ‘unsung heroes’, schools can work with Happy Sparrow to design customised programmes to engage all these staffs so as to bring out the best in them!

staff team building


Bollywood Teambuilding

In the recent years, Bollywood movies are moving onto the world stage. Many viewers are always mesmerized by the Bollywood movie stars’ looks and more importantly, the way that they dance.

As Happy Sparrow loves to watch Bollywood movies, he was inspired to ‘teach’ participants how to dance like the Bollywood stars. So he works with a Bollywood dancing teacher to create simple yet incredible Bollywood dance moves to teach the participants. And Guess what, the participants will be able to dance the entire Bollywood dance sequence in a mere 2hours! Incredible isn’t it?

British Style Picnic Teambuilding

I am sure most of us have experienced picnics in our lives before. However, Happy Sparrow is not so sure if they have experienced any British Style Picnic by the park before. So he cleverly created a Teambuilding Programme which revolves around picnic. So the participants are able to enjoy the customsied games and also the customised picnic food too.

British Picnic

Military Adult

Military Teambuilding (Adult)

Happy Sparrow has many friends who told him that they would like to experience the Military training in a more relaxed yet realistic way. They want to have scenarios where they can appear as heroes to save hostages or even POWs.

Knowing that Paintball can be too boring, Happy Sparrow worked with his overseas partners to create a Specialized Military Teambuilding Programme. Cladded in uniforms donning masks and goggles, they will be equipped with “realistic airsoft guns’ i.e M16, M4s, AK47s etc to solve certain customized missions.

Military Teambuilding (Kids)

Kids, especially boys, love to imitate their fathers when they see them don on military uniforms. For this, Happy Sparrow has created a special Military Teambuilding for Kids and their Dads.

In this teambuilding programme, kids are will be the commanders on the ground with their dads as their Platoon Sergeant who will advise them on every wrong moves they made. This will indirectly strengthen the bond between daddies and their kids while solving ‘realistic missions’. What about the Mothers? You ask? Well, they would be more than happy to take a back seat and ‘enjoy the show’!

Military Kids

Yacth Party

Yacht Party

Yacht parties have become very popular in the recent years. However, many of those who had gone onto yacht before find it rather boring as they have nothing to do in the nearby islands.

For a sea sports lover like Happy Sparrow, he is more than happy to incorporate some of his teambuilding games during the yacht events in order to bring yacht parties and yacht networking to a whole new level!